Scrum Education, Certification and Coaching

It’s Our Real-Life Experience that
Sets Us Apart from the Rest

Due to our extensive, on-the-field experience, we’re able to offer the most prominent framework for product development: Scrum. Our Scrum education is available in a variety of options, including traditional certification and tailored training to best fit your organization.

Experience Certified Scrum Alliance Training for Product Development

Our Scrum training is delivered by a Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST) using Scrum Alliance certified content. For the successful student, the result is certification by the Scrum Alliance. We offer three different two-day certified Scrum training programs, including:

  • Certified Scrum Master® (CSM): This course is introductory for all members of a Scrum team and especially for those who seek to fill the Scrum Master role. No prerequisites required.
  • Advanced-Certified Scrum Master® (A-CSM): This is an advanced course for Scrum Masters who have one or more years of work experience in their role.
  • Certified Product Owner® (CSPO): This course is introductory for those who are closest to the “business side” of the product, thus able to speak to the value that the product must deliver to achieve market results. No prerequisites required.

Pricing & Registration

We offer our Certified Scrum training in both public and private settings. To arrange a private program, contact us. Public programs are offered through our network of training partners.

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Tailored Scrum Training for Personalized Results

For those who wish to better understand the real-life experience that comes with Scrum adoption, agilityIRL offers our own Scrum training curriculum. Although our training does not result in certification, it is consistent with Scrum Alliance training while also offering three unique advantages:

  • Enhanced content with real-life experiences
  • Available “vanilla version” for a lower cost than the certified training
  • Fully customizable to make it relevant to your organization’s specific situation and needs

The curriculum for our training is as follows:

  • Scrum Fundamentals: Two-day compendium of the Scrum Master and Product Owner programs
  • Scrum Master: Two-day program comparable to the CSM program
  • Product Owner: Two-day program comparable to the CSPO program
  • Product Owner Bootcamp: One-day program devoted to understanding your product’s vision, drafting your roadmap, and gaining experience in the tools and strategies needed to guide effective release planning
  • Scrum Team Bootcamp: Two-day program designed to lead a Scrum team into their first actual sprint by taking them from concept and theory to the pragmatic issues surrounding the sprint

Pricing & Booking

Our agilityIRL Scrum programs are offered on a private basis. To learn more about pricing and booking, customization and content, contact us.

Transition From Concept to Application With Scrum Coaching

We also offer coaching and consulting services to assist Scrum adopters in successfully transitioning from concept and theory to practical application. In addition to the body of knowledge and experience represented in the education outlined above, our coaching also incorporates principles, concepts, methods and tools from Dr. Jeff Sutherland’s Scrum@Scale, and Craig Larman & Bas Vodde’s Large Scale Scrum, or LeSS, frameworks, as well.

Our experience includes coaching Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Dev Teams, whole Scrum teams, stakeholders, and organizational leaders and leadership teams.

Pricing & Booking

Our agilityIRL Scrum programs are offered on a private basis. To learn more about pricing and booking, customization and content, contact us.

Learn More About Scrum Education & Certification, and Coaching

If you’re ready to learn how your organization, team or leadership can benefit from Agile certification and education for product development, it’s time to reach out. Contact us today for more information by sending us a message.