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We’re agility IRL – agility In Real Life. We provide education, coaching and consulting that is agile-driven and reality-based.

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We Start With “Why?”

A person isn’t buying a half-inch drill; they’re buying the expectation of half-inch holes.

Agile is a drill. If you’re only interested in buying an Agile drill, that’s fine. We offer some of the best. But we prefer to focus on “why” you want a drill and what you are going to build with it. It’s the difference between buying a drill just to have a drill and buying a drill because you’re building a new home.

If you’re interested in making yours an Agile organization, this is our sweet spot—we have pragmatic experience others do not. We have designed and built Agile organizations ourselves—not as academic exercises, but as real-life career responsibilities—and that experience spans from front-line management to the C-suite.

Whether you just want an Agile drill, or you’re out to make yours an Agile organization, it is our real-life, full spectrum experience on which we base our education, coaching and consulting that allows us to move quickly from academic theory to pragmatic issues and help you develop agility in real life.

The villain in the story of Agile is “VUCA”

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity

VUCA is fueled by the internet and ubiquitous computing, global supplier and buyer markets, free-range innovation, disintermediation, the ability to quickly assemble a custom value chain from off-the-shelf business processes, mass customization, friction-free and location-irrelevant commerce, and lean startups.

VUCA has driven tectonic shifts in power: from the seller to the buyer, from the large and lumbering to the small and nimble, and from hierarchal monoliths to peer-to-peer networks.  These power shifts have the recursive effect of accelerating VUCA.

VUCA has long since stretched the traditional workplace beyond the limits of its design.

For those organizations that are unable or unwilling to learn to sense and adapt at speed and at scale, VUCA stands for decay.  If you’re still spending $30,000 to get something done, where $3,000 is for real work and $27,000 is for meetings and rework, then you are doomed.

However, for those organizations that are willing and able to learn how to sense and adapt at speed and at scale, VUCA also stands for opportunity.  Agile is the key to that opportunity—Agile is the prescription for prospering in a VUCA world.

Agile Product Development for a VUCA World

Agile Leadership for a VUCA World

Let’s Talk Next Steps

Find out how you can start improving your workplace.

How We Work

To realize your organization’s full potential, Agile needs to be implemented on both a micro and a macro level.  On a micro level it is about becoming agile in how you design, build and support your products and services.  On a macro level, it is about becoming agile in how you lead, manage and operate your organization.  We can help you with both—from the front-line practitioner to the C-suite executive:

  • We offer education, coaching and consulting for practitioners to adopt Agile in product development.
  • We offer education, coaching and consulting for leaders at all levels to:
    1. Ensure they understand their roles and responsibilities in supporting Agile adoption in product development, and
    2. Inculcate Agile in their own work; in the leadership and management of their organization.

“Agile” has become a movement, and not without good reason— however, like every movement, Agile has its share of charlatans selling snake oil—their motivation and commitment isn’t as much to the cause, as it is to extracting money from it.  The Agile movement also has its share of those who, although well-meaning and well educated in Agile’s concepts and theory, have spent their careers observing from the sidelines and never been on the field—they work where the rubber meets the sky.

We’re agilityIRL, we work where the rubber meets the road.  We have spent our careers on the field, and we have the scar tissue that only comes with on-the-job experience.  We can move from concept and theory to pragmatic issues in a heartbeat.  We can help you navigate the realities of your Agile journey because we’ve been in the same battles as you, perhaps even having been in your chair.  We’ve made it work in real life, and we’ve figured some things out in our decades of experience.

Agile Leadership: Making the Future a Way of Life

Calibrated for leaders at all levels, from the front-line to the C-suite, this 2-day class teaches the “why”, the “what”, and most importantly, a deep dive into the “how” of leading the transformation of any organization.

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Agile: An Executive Overview

Calibrated for leaders at all levels, this half-day class, provides an overview of the Agile movement including the “why,” “what” and “how” of management’s roles and responsibilities

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User Story Writing

This hands-on course uses your product to teach good user story writing techniques. Attendees learn the crucial element to a good user story, its components, and how to split them in a way that allows them to be delivered in a single iteration or sprint.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Here is a leader who has been in the trenches and shares what works and what doesn’t. As evidenced by his history of successful leadership roles in an impressive variety of companies, spanning the full range of economic conditions, Ruprecht’s approach to getting things done is honest and straightforward. He knows that a leader is not there to replicate the status quo even when they may be the very person who gave the quo its status.

  • As a facilitator and trainer, Mike stands out because he is able to engage a room full of people and keep them focused / entertained while delivering high quality content on just about anything you’d ever want to know about working agile. He adds humor, relevant facts, and anecdotes that spark interest.

  • Mike provided by far the best continuing education experience I have been exposed to in a very long time. He was very knowledgeable about the subject matter as well as passionate about teaching it to others. Both of these elements made for an extremely informative as well as enjoyable experience.

  • Drawn from his years of hands-on experience, Ruprecht’s class brings his pragmatic approach to leadership of business and technologies. He is experienced with a broad range of businesses, from new ventures and start-ups through Fortune 100. He is an inspiring leader, has assisted in business turn-arounds, and has successfully nurtured organizations from introverted, mediocre performers to highly energized, business engaging, consultative, service-driven contributors.

  • Superior knowledge by instructor!

  • Very thorough on regs, guides and traceability between agile and regulatory terminology.

  • Really good conceptual & visuals color coded slides.

  • Gave me a much better understanding of the layered aspects and coverage between iterative and linear process schemes.

  • The information was exactly what I needed.

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To end human suffering in the workplace—at all levels—through education, coaching, and consulting that is reality-based and agile-driven.