Leveraging Real-World Experience to Teach, Guide and Motivate.

Classes & Workshops

agilityIRL provides classes and workshops that help you and your teams learn, adapt and advance by utilizing Agility and the Scrum Framework . We offer public classes through our training company partners, as well as classes through Metro State University and private classes by appointment.

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Coaching & Consulting

Apathy. Ignorance. Skepticism. Cynicism. Passive Aggression. Guerrilla-style sabotage. Outright resistance to change. Has the irresistible force of your change effort run into the immovable object of organizational resistance? We offer team coaching and assessment centered around making your organization agile.

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Keynote Speaking

Mike Stuedemann and Jim Ruprect offer real-life perspective through engaging and motivating keynote speeches that can inspire and motivate your team throughout your Agile Journey. Topics include VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), The language of Agile, Agile Project Management and the Scrum Framework.

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We're On a Mission

To end human suffering in the workplace—at all levels—through education, coaching, and consulting that is reality-based and agile-driven.