Programs for Becoming Agile at the Individual, Team,
Leadership and Organizational Levels

Our mission is lofty, but simple; it is to enhance an organization’s competitive advantage—its distinctive value to its customers–while eliminating human suffering from their workplace—from the front lines to the C-suite. We do this by offering agile-driven and reality-based education and coaching to teams and leaders of organizations of any kind, any size, and at any station in some larger hierarchy.

Toward this end, we have developed a variety of offerings that are based on our whole-system approach and our personal experience putting the concepts and theories into pragmatic use in real life:


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Scrum Education, Certification and Coaching

Our Scrum Education & Certification, and Coaching program teaches those who develop your organization’s product(s) about the principles and values on which Agile is based. They will also learn how the Scrum framework operates and the change it will drive in their roles and responsibilities as operators of that framework.

We offer two Scrum curriculums. One is designed to Scrum Alliance specifications and will make qualified participants eligible for Scrum Alliance certifications. The other, while including all of the same lessons, can be tailored to the needs of your organization, but will not result in eligibility for Scrum Alliance certifications. In addition, we also offer coaching from seasoned veterans for whole Scrum Teams, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and Development Teams.

We also offer coaching in the application of the principles, concepts, methods and tools embodied in Dr. Jeff Sutherland’s Scrum@Scale, and Craig Larman and Bas Vodde’s Large Scale Scrum, or LeSS, frameworks.

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Certified Agile Regulatory Specialist™ (CARS™) Education, Certification and Coaching

Our exclusive Certified Agile Regulatory Specialist™ program, or CARS™, is for both practitioners and leaders employing Agile in an FDA-regulated and QMS-governed environment. In this program developed by a member of the industry team that developed the pertinent TIR and related guidelines, you’ll learn field-proven concepts, rules, recommendations, methods and tools for incorporating Agile into your organization. Plus, after successful completion and passing of the certification exam, you will earn your CARS™ certification. Of course, we also offer coaching to assist you with employing Agile in your FDA regulated and QMS governed environment.

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Agile Leadership, Organizational Agility Education and Coaching

We offer a number of executive level classes and coaching options to teach your organization’s leadership the “what,” “why” and “how” of Agile adoption at the team, leadership and organizational levels.

Perhaps most importantly, leadership will learn about the changes that Agile adoption will necessarily require in their roles and responsibilities, and, because they are the stewards of the organization’s culture, they will also learn the cultural change they will need to lead to ensure Agile’s successful inculcation.

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Whole-System Agile Adoption

Our Whole-System Agile Adoption program brings together both our practitioner and leadership education and coaching, as well as our CARS™ program (if applicable), in an end-to-end approach for inculcating Agile in your organization. Our Whole-System Agile Adoption program will lift yours from those organizations whose stunted aspirations have them “doing Agile,” and into the higher orbit of those who are “being Agile.”

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Agile Maturity Assessments

Our Agile Maturity Assessments are for both individual teams and whole organizations who wish to better understand their level of Agile maturity and where they have room for growth.

Keynote Presentations

We offer our distinctive expertise in unique keynote presentations on a suite of topics on which we have pragmatic experience. These topics range from the subtleties and nuances of Agile related concepts, methods and tools, to leadership challenges in Agile adoption efforts.

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Whether you’re ready to develop agility in product development, management, or leadership or want to extend your Agile skills, we have education and certification to fit your needs. To learn more about our offerings or to schedule today, send us a message. From our offices based in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, we serve enlightened and motivated people everywhere.