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Our track record of success in our long careers as leaders in the corporate world, as pioneers in the Agile movement, then as leaders in the consulting world has been based on three distinctive values and competencies: truth-telling, path-finding, and leading the requisite cultural change to create the durable organizational capacity and capability to make change a way of life.

Keynote Presentations to Fit Your Organizational Goals

Because of these values, competencies and real-world experience, we have cultivated knowledge and insights on a variety of topics. Examples include:

  • What Comes Before Scrum: Prerequisites to Scrum Success
  • So, You’re a Scrum Master—Now What
  • 5 Shifts that Project Managers Must Make in an Agile World
  • Technical Anthropologist: The Larger Role of a Business Analyst in an Agile World
  • I’m Not Sure That Word Means What You Think It Does: Talking to Business People About Agile
  • Agile: An Executive Overview
  • Agile Adoption: Leadership Fumbles & Fails
  • Organizational Agility: What It Is and agilityIRL’s BHG Framework for Achieving It

Each of our presentations is preceded by a conversation with the client to ensure that we have a proper understanding of the audience, its composition, and its expectations. It will also be followed by another conversation with the client to debrief as to the presentation’s effectiveness in achieving the goals that were set for it, and to determine if any additional follow-up action would be appropriate.

Pricing & Booking

The base rate for a keynote presentation is $2,500 plus expenses. This price covers three steps:

  1. An advance discussion: This discussion helps us assess and adjust for fit and function, plus makes room for a minimal amount of time for customization (if extensive customization is desired it will be billed on a time and materials basis).
  2. The presentation itself: The presentation is 75-90 minutes long, depending on topic.
  3. A follow-up meeting: This meeting includes the presentation’s organizers and/or sponsors and helps them understand the observations and results of the presentation, the conclusions that can be drawn from those observations and results, and the recommendations that make sense based on those conclusions.

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We’re always willing to share our real-life experience to help you make organizational change a way of life. To learn more about our keynote presentations, or for answers to your questions, feel free to send us a message.