Get Your Team’s Attention and Get Back on Course.

Keynote Speaking

An important component of our product service portfolio is the suite of presentations that we offer for different constituencies at different stages in their Agile journey. 

A Keynote Speech sets the tone and summarizes the core essence of a particular theme or topic. Our talks last from 60-90 minutes and are frequently used as ice-breakers and motivators to propel and re-direct organizational transformation.

These presentations are outlined below. Contact us for more details or to schedule a particular presentation. 

What Comes Before Scrum: Prerequisites to Scrum Success

What elements need to be in place in order to execute a successful product development effort using Scrum? This speech will cover several aspects of Scrum including:

  • When is Scrum not a good fit?
  • Techniques to analyze an organization’s readiness to use Scrum
  • How to select the right team members for a Scrum Team
  • How to ensure that you’re building the right product
  • How to recover from your Scrum failure
  • And More!

Presented by Mike Stuedemann

So, You’re a ScrumMaster, Now What?

Congratulations on becoming a ScrumMaster! Wait, what’s that really mean? You’ve completed a two-day certification class or may have just been appointed “ScrumMaster.” This role is casually seen as someone who just facilitates a daily meeting, but to be successful in the role requires much more. This presentation covers:

  • Critical success factors every ScrumMaster needs to think about
  • Identifies ways ScrumMasters can continue their development
  • Learn ways to help teams you serve deliver additional value

Presented by Mike Stuedemann

5 Shifts that Project Managers Must Make in an Agile World

The role of “Project Manager” is conspicuously absent in Agile frameworks, like Scrum. While the role goes away, the fate of the functions traditionally performed by a Project Manager varies. Some of those functions morph in the way they are done and by whom, some are replaced, and some go away altogether.  In this presentation we will:

  • Take a close look at the adoption of Scrum
  • Look at the adoption of other Agile frameworks
  • Discover how Scrum and Agile impact traditional Project Manger roles
  • Look at how Scrum and Agile impact a Project Management Office (PMO)

Presented by Mike Steudemann

Technical Anthropologist: The Larger Role of a Business Analyst in an Agile World

While there is no role titled, “Business Analyst” in Scrum or any of the Agile frameworks, the work of a Business Analyst does not go away. To the contrary, it grows and becomes even more important. In fact, in those organizations that are considered leaders in the Agile community, the role has grown to one that is commonly referred to as “Technical Anthropologist.” In this presentation you will discover how the traditional role of Business Analyst changes and grows in an Agile environment.

Presented by Mike Steudemann

I’m Not Sure That Word Means What You Think It Means: Talking to Business People About Agile

Agile, like any movement, has its own lexicon – a set of words that are used within the community and help define it. Unfortunately, as the Agile movement has grown, these words have been distorted, changed and lost their original meaning. During this presentation we will:

  • Examine the original Agile lexicon
  • Breakdown the meaning of the words from a business perspective
  • Learn to accurately define and use the terms in a meaningful way

Presented by Mike Stuedemann

VUCA: The Imperative for Agile Leadership

The rate of change is no longer accelerating; it’s gone vertical and has become a steady state condition creating a world of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity—VUCA.  For example, the problems you need to solve, the opportunities you need to pursue, they are coming faster, not slower; with less predictability, not more; with lead times that are shrinking, not growing; leaving you with windows to respond that are collapsing, not expanding.  Attempting to lead in a VUCA world with pre-VUCA organizational solutions is like trying to play tennis with a golf club—you can do it, but not well, plus it will be exhausting. 

For those unwilling or unable to change, VUCA spells decline and decay for the organization, and pain and misery for the people.  However, for those who are willing and able to change, VUCA also spells opportunity.  Agile Leadership is the organizational solution for prospering in a VUCA world.

This presentation will provide a high-level guided tour through the “why,” the “what,” and the “how” of Agile leadership.

Presented by Jim Ruprecht