Coaching & Consulting

Coaching & Consulting

We offer coaching and consulting services to assist those motivated leaders at any and all levels who aspire to make their organization agile. We will aid them in taking the concepts and principles taught in our Design for Organizational Agility class and leading the organizational change effort necessary to inculcate them under the real-life conditions of their own organizations. Further, our coaching and consulting services will enable clients to leverage the pragmatic experience, with what works and what doesn’t, that we have gained over the course of our careers cultivating agility in multiple organizations, in real life.

Individual motivated leaders or teams of motivated leaders may leverage our coaching and consulting services. Each engagement begins with a conversation, typically a 30-60 minute call in which we discuss goals, driving issues, and participation.

Our leadership coaching and consulting services can take the form of a single session, a monthly recurring session, or a custom schedule for your specific needs.


Team Coaching

Team coaching involves observing, assessing and actively coaching a team through the ceremonies associated with its actual development process in real-time to improve team performance and the value delivered.

Team Assessment

A Team of up to 12 people is assessed in terms of their roles, artifacts, technical skills, process execution, vision clarity, and ability to adapt. The resulting presentation and summary report provides the Team with concrete actions that they can take to improve their ability to deliver business value in changing market conditions.