Agile 101
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Banning the T-Word

When we are young, we are taught not to use certain words. Our parents, teachers, and mentors showed us that while certain words make us feel better in the moment, they are often seen as a sign of immaturity and not welcome in professional speech. I am wondering if it’s time to add “transformation” to...
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Micro & Macro Agility: Surviving Through Whole-System Organizational Transformation

Your organization and its health can be directly compared to your body and its health. Just like when a small health concern turns into a life-threatening emergency, you must change to survive if your business is struggling. Micro-Medicine vs. Macro-Medicine You’re enjoying life and you’ve gotten comfortable. Other than normal bumps like a typical cold...
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Rugby Players In A Scrum

Scrum & Status Reporting: Attend the Sprint Review

“How do we report status?” “How do I get insight into the product?” These are frequent questions we receive from our clients as they move to an Agile method like Scrum. The short answer to both of these questions is: eliminate status reports and attend the Sprint Review. After all, as the aphorism states, “there’s...
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