Jim Ruprecht

Why Purpose Comes Before Process or Tools in Agile

I have a long-standing directive for whatever work must be done, whether it be research, a problem to solve, a hypothesis to test or a product to develop: purpose before process and process before tools. To move from your process into your tools, you must follow these steps, in this order: simplify, standardize and systematize....
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The Chinese Village: Breaking Free Through Diversity & Inclusion

Imagine going to a village in the remote regions of China. You ask the village leaders to assemble the smartest, most imaginative, highly respected members of the village. Then you commission them to create the best home possible with no constraints. If they can imagine it, and if physics permit it, they can build it....
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Persuasion, Selling & Manipulation: The Hierarchy of Effective Communication

After years of experience in the field, I’ve found that there is a hierarchy in ways one can convince another person of something. Understanding this hierarchy is critical for effective communication from the C-level down. The Hierarchy of Effective Communication Manipulation: Lacking the Character Traits of Honesty, Integrity & Civility The lowest plane of communication...
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Agile Leadership: Two Key Properties for Building Effective Working Relationships

One of the most important pieces of the Agile leadership puzzle is the forming of effective working relationships between you and your colleagues. Without durable relationships, the optimization of an organization simply can’t happen. To build these effective relationships, two properties must exist: confidence in the other party’s competence and mutual trust. I first learned...
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