agilityIRL: Welcome to Agility In-Real-Life

At agilityIRL, we’re focused on helping teams, leaders, and organizations become Agile—in real life. If you’re ready to become Agile via a whole-system approach that changes both the mechanics and culture by which you work, you’ve come to the right place. We’re glad you’re here. Welcome!


We’re Proud to Launch Our New Website

Welcome to the new agilityIRL. We’re excited to launch our new website, in an effort to better serve you. Thanks to our partners at Iceberg Web Design for all their hard work helping us reach this point. They worked with us to truly understand the spirit and mission of agilityIRL:

To ignite growth in the workplace through education, coaching, and consulting that’s reality-based & Agile-driven.

If you’re interested in learning more about their team or partnering with them on your own website design efforts, just visit their website at  

agilityIRL: Education, Coaching, and Consulting

We teach and coach leaders with organizations of all sizes and types from the front-line to the C-suite on how to optimize their workplace to increase the value delivered to their customer. We help these leaders:

  • Reduce their end-to-end cycle time
  • Reduce their transaction and switching costs
  • Increase their team’s ideation

We educate, coach, and consult through a wide range of offerings from Scrum certification and whole-system Agile adoption to keynote speaking and beyond.

All Are Welcome Here

When we say all are welcome—we mean it. All are welcome on our website and in our classes. Whether you’re a current client, former client, friend, foe, partner, curious third-party, devoted Agilist, novice, leader, follower, or someone in between, we don’t discriminate.

We don’t care whether you’re currently working with, or have worked with, our competitors in the past. We aren’t afraid of competition. In fact, we believe that it makes all of us better, and we’re confident that when you see us in action, the choice of the right provider, will be much easier to make.

At agilityIRL, it’s our real-life experience that sets us apart

Learn More About agilityIRL

To learn more about agilityIRL’s mission, our offerings for your organization or to sign-up for one of our classes, send us a message.