Agile Leadership, Organizational Agility Education and Coaching

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There are two reasons why you should care about agility at the leadership and organizational levels.

One, is your organization adopting one of the Agile frameworks such as Scrum or SAFe in product development? Too many leaders think that once they’ve allocated budget and people their part is done. They don’t understand what else is required of them, or what change they should expect at an organizational level—including their own roles and responsibilities—only to wonder later why their Agile adoption effort is struggling, or isn’t producing the fruit of its promise, or is failing outright.

Or, two, perhaps you’ve achieved agility in your product development and now you’re interested in taking it to the next level—becoming Agile in how your organization is led, managed and operated. You’re interested in Organizational Agility.

We work with leaders and leadership teams to address both of these situations.

At agilityIRL, we use our own experience in real life to provide leadership and organizational agility coaching and education. We believe that the entire organization will benefit the most from a whole-system approach, regardless of where you are on the ladder.

Our reality-based, leadership-level education and coaching has been designed and developed, and is delivered, by a former C-suite executive in a $5 billion business and is for leaders from the front-line to the C-suite.

During our training, leaders learn the critical success factors for achieving durable results. This includes the ability to accept change in their role and responsibilities, as well as recognizing their responsibility to steward their organization’s culture.

Fate May be what Happens to You but Your Destiny Depends on How You Respond

Education Designed, Developed & Presented by Executives for Executives

To be successful, we offer leadership-level programs using our agile-driven and reality-based expertise. These programs are designed, developed and presented by executives, for executives.

Introduction to Agile: Executive Overview and Gut Check

This 4-hour program answers leadership questions about Agile including:

  • The Why: The reasoning behind the organization’s Agile adoption
  • The What: The Agile philosophy and its origin, plus the Agile frameworks and their origins
  • The How: The organizational and cultural changes that DURABLE adoption will require

At the end of the program, walk away with a better understanding of not only Agile but also of the change that will be required of them and the change they will be expected to lead within their organization and their culture in order to achieve DURABLE results

Leading, for a Change

This 2-day retreat is a deep dive into the “how” of leading the organizational and cultural changes that durable Agile adoption requires. At the center of the program is our proprietary Brains-Heart-Guts (BHG) FRAMEWORK for leading the organizational and cultural change that is required to achieve durable success.

Agile Adoption: Leadership Fumbles & Fails

Using our proprietary BHG framework for context, this two-hour program provides a guided tour of common fumbles and fails that we have observed organizational leadership make during Agile adoption.

In-Depth Leadership Coaching & Consulting

In addition to our education programs, we also offer coaching and consulting from former leaders who have been in your chair to assist you and your leadership teams in successfully transitioning from concept to practical application.

Pricing & Booking

Our Agile Leadership & Organizational Education and Coaching programs are offered on a private basis to help you make the most of it all. For pricing and booking information, contact us.

Ready to See Results Through Agility Education & Coaching?

If you’re ready to learn what is required of leadership in order to ensure Agile’s success in product development, and/or you’re ready to learn more about what Agile offers when adopted in how the organization is led, managed and operated (i.e., organizational agility), send us a message.