We’ve been where you are. We know the way out.

There is a parable about a guy walking along when he falls in a hole. The walls are so steep that he can’t get out.

A doctor passes by, and the guy shouts up, “Hey Doc, can you help me out?” The doctor peers down, writes a prescription to alleviate anxiety, throws it down in the hole, and moves on.

Then a priest comes along, and the guy shouts up, “Father, I’m down in this hole, can you help me out?” The priest peers down, writes out a prayer to summon divine inspiration, throws it down in the hole, and moves on.

Then a friend walks by. “Hey, Joe, it’s me! Can you help me out?” And the friend jumps in the hole. Our guy says, “Are you stupid?! Now we’re both down here.”

The friend says, “Yeah, but I’ve been here before, and I know the way out.”

We’re agilityIRL. We’ve been where you are. We know the way out.

Are you ready to get agile and start enjoying work again?

Our Mission

We are on a mission is to eliminate human suffering in the workplace—from the front line to the C-Suite— through education, coaching and consulting that is reality-based and agile-driven.

We are Agile agnostics, on a crusade to purge organizations of money-mangling, time-trashing, resource-robbing, dignity-demeaning, emotion-exhausting, pride-punishing, value-vexing nonsense, and to restore the conditions needed to connect, create, surprise and succeed.

One team at a time, we help organizations transform themselves from ones that are divisively political, time-starved, resource-poor, and neurotic, to ones capable of changing their world and making the future a way of life.

We Are Agile Pioneers & Agile Agnostics

Our experience with the “Agile Philosophy” goes back to its emergent years – before it achieved critical mass and was labeled, “Agile”. In fact, we were among those pioneering the use of Agile in a regulated environment.  Also, while there are those who are dogmatic about their chosen framework, be it Scrum, SAFe, XP or any of the others, we consider all that adhere to Agile’s principles and values to just be different doors to the same room.

We’ve Tested and Re-Tested In Real Life

Everything about which we teach, coach, and consult comes from our years of personal experience with its real-life application. While others may have mastered the concepts and the theory, we have also mastered the pragmatics. Where others can only deduce from their grasp of the concepts and theory, we can induce from what we learned researching, developing, testing, and implementing the concepts and theory in the organizations we have had the good fortune to lead. Everything we teach, coach, and consult about are field-proven – by us.

Our Promise

There are firms that will seduce your business with a senior partner or two, but once won, they unload a bus of recent MBA grads who do the work while subjugating or displacing your staff.  When they think they’re done, they vanish to their next engagement leaving you with those senior partners who’ve spent their time cloistered in a conference room building a multi-year plan to stay in your wallet.

We’ve had that done to us when we were in your chair.  We don’t work that way. We promise to work collaboratively with you—peer-to-peer.

We’ve had that done to us when we were in your chair.  We don’t work that way. We promise to work collaboratively with you—peer-to-peer.

We Promise To

Be present

The consultants who win an engagement will also perform the engagement.


We’ll show you the principles, models, concepts, methods, and tools that we have learned to be effective – the “what, the “why” and the “how.”

Coach and assist

We’ll support you in the practical application of those principles, models, concepts, methods and tools—help you move from concept and theory through pragmatic issues.


We’ll help you separate reality from mythology, signal from noise, and information from speculation – we show you the things on which to focus as well as those to beware and avoid.

Be your right-hand person

But we’ll not be your proxy. You must be the leader, and as you know, the leadership role is one that cannot be delegated to a third party (not even to us).

Have the good grace to leave

when you’ve become self-reliant, we’ll have the good manners to move along.  However, because our job is to empower you, not abandon you, we’ll remain just a phone call or email away should you desire any further assistance.