August 18, 2020
Zoom Video Call

Reflections on the New Normal

As many of us were forced to do, agilityIRL pivoted from in-person classroom to live, online classes in mid-March.  While our transition to online learning was forced by the pandemic, I’ve learned a lot about the environment, its challenges, and benefits over the past few months.  As a long-time CST used to in-person classroom training,...
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Leadership Concept

VUCA & Agile Leadership: Part 1

Part 1—An Introduction to “VUCA” and How it Relates to Agile Leadership The speed and interdependence of events in today’s world are overwhelming the time-honored processes and culture we’ve built so far. Once comforting constants are transforming into variables that defy predictability and challenge traditional models of leadership and management. This is the first in...
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