December 2019

Understanding the Four Levels of Initiative

Initiative is “the energy or aptitude displayed in an initiation of action, or an introductory step,” says Merriam-Webster. In short, you need it to act—to move forward.   The Four Levels of Initiative As a leader, it’s important to understand the four levels of initiative that your team exhibits. Knowing where they fall now can...
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Micro & Macro Agility: Surviving Through Whole-System Organizational Transformation

Your organization and its health can be directly compared to your body and its health. Just like when a small health concern turns into a life-threatening emergency, you must change to survive if your business is struggling. Micro-Medicine vs. Macro-Medicine You’re enjoying life and you’ve gotten comfortable. Other than normal bumps like a typical cold...
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Career Advice From Someone Who Broke Free

I have had, and continue to have, an eclectic career—on purpose. Besides being more interesting, it has also protected me from a “follow-the-herd” mentality that’s all too common in just about every profession and industry. It enables me to look at situations and see things others may not, and to find connections that might otherwise...
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